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January 10, 2010

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I am trying to get better about the lighting in my photos.  What can I say, I have no idea when it comes to stuff like that!




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I love these mice stamps! It is amazing how cute mice can be as long as they aren’t invading your house.

I got these for at a rummage sale for what I thought was “too much,” but I couldn’t resist. Looking back, I probably should have bought them all.

These stamps are colored with prismacolor colored pencils.



May 2, 2009

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These are a couple of cards I made  for graduation.  The pictures aren’t great because I was under time constraints.  I like to take my pictures outside, but it got dark before I was done.

I have a hard time making masculine cards.  I want to add beads or something, but that is not very masculine I’m told.  🙂




Link for Dachshund Cards

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I sent in my cards to the woman that sells the dachshund stamps. I can’t wait until fall to use some of the other ones that I got.




April 27, 2009

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This card is for graduation. It looks like it would make a good engagement card or something, though. That’s all I can really think to say about this card. 🙂




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This card is exactly the same card I made for Corina, but for a 40th card I wanted to make it a little more unique.  So, I added a sparkly watermark with my versamark inkpad in champagne.  The color in this picture is not that great, so I hope that the subtle “40s” in the background are visible.  There is no retaking this picture for color’s sake- I already gave it away.




April 26, 2009

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These are a couple cards that I really loved after I was finished. They come from the same stamp set which also includes a monkey. For the head and feet, I used the stamps, but for the body I improvised and used my circle cutter. I used pop-dots to give it a 3d look, making sure that 2 feet went in front of the body and 2 behind. I used a weird ribbon that I had and twisted about an inch of it to make it look like stems. I just got it at a rummage sale and had no idea how I would use it. In fact, I had no idea I even had it, but I think it turned out to be exactly what I needed.



I haven’t even given these cards away yet. I guess the odds are pretty slim of the recipients stumbling upon my new website. 🙂